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Stunluxe DogTec

Remote trainer 520-1 to 500M with sound and vibration. Robust & waterproof. All dog sizes.

Remote trainer 520-1 to 500M with sound and vibration. Robust & waterproof. All dog sizes.

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This collar is an enormous help for dogs and owners, because they also enable dogs to run free, which otherwise could not be controlled. Your dog eats off the street, runs across the street, has a strong hunting instinct, jumps at people, pulls strongly on the leash, is deaf or blind, you cannot let him off the leash anywhere, because otherwise your dog will ignore you completely and is freaks out completely. This remote trainer also supports you in a targeted manner in carrying out other complicated training programs for your dog to educate him and to avoid danger to humans and animals.

This training collar ensures painless sound / vibration signals on your dog's neck. The collars can receive signals up to 500 meters in an open field. The battery is rechargeable. The ultra-robust and waterproof collars ensure many years of use. The collar length is adjustable up to 70cm and is therefore suitable for small, medium and large dogs.

LED screen: helps you to easily recognize the function key and control the device even in the dark.   

Harmless and human: Training without electricity and shock.

3 operating modes: Vibration / sound / combination of simultaneous vibration and sound.

Range up to 500 meters: With the help of the vibration or sound function keys you can control your dog from a distance to prevent bad habits such as barking, digging or picking up food on the street, chewing or fighting with other dogs.

Waterproof: IP67 waterproof: The 100% waterproof training collar allows your dog to freely swim, bathe, play in the rain or even adventure in the water without having to remove the collar receiver.

Easy to handle: to determine the working mode, simply switch the channel to the desired mode.

Adjustable vibration length: 1-10 adjustable intensity levels for vibrations. With adjustable vibration length, sound and light, this training collar will successfully assist you in training your dog to effectively correct the dog's behavior when it does not respond!

Adjustable collar: up to 70 cm in length.

Rechargeable battery: Lithium battery input: 100-240V ~ 50 / 60HZ; Output: 300mA / 500 mA

2-in-1 USB charging cable can charge the remote control and receiver at the same time.

Suitable for all dog sizes

External Certificate: CE, ROHS, FCC, Qualified Evaluation Report.


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